Goldwork and Silk Shading Inspired By Nature by Hazel Everett

SKU: 9781782216414


This inspiring, practical guide to goldwork and silk shading is packed with both traditional and innovative techniques, six samplers and 24 stunning projects.

Learn how to create exquisite works using either goldwork or silk shading, and then learn how to combine the two disciplines for visually stunning results. Learn to select the threads, materials and equipment required; plan out the order of your work; transfer your design to fabric; frame up your fabric; and discover inspiring stitch techniques to achieve the results you want.

Using nature as inspiration, develop a glittering range of exquisitely worked flowers, fungi, trees, bats and dragonflies, with each piece accompanied by detailed instructions and essential top tips. The book features original designs throughout, and you will be encouraged to extend your skills to create your own beautiful embroideries, helped by exercises, projects, diagrams, full-size templates and stunning photographs.

This book is an invaluable practical starting point for anyone wishing to learn about the art of goldwork and silk shading, and an excellent reference for all those already familiar with these popular techniques.

Table of Contents

Foreword 6
Introduction 7
Equipment 8
Needles 10
Fabrics 12
Frames 13
Transferring a design 18
Padding 20
Mounting your work 23

Goldwork 24
Rules for goldwork 25
Order of work 26
Metal threads 27
Basic goldwork techniques 31
Purl chippings 31
Shading with chippings 32
Fuzzy effect 32
Graded cutwork 33
Stem stitch formation 34
Purl loops 35
Couched threads 36
Twists 39
Handmade twists 40

MIlliary 41
Plunging threads 43
Pearl purl 44
Elizabethan twist 46
Kid 47
Broad, 11’s and whipped plate 48
PROJECT: Wild rose 50
PROJECT: Goldwork violet 52
Three-dimensional goldwork 55
PROJECT: Christmas rose 54

Silk shading 56
Rules for silk shading 57
Order of work 58
Silk shading threads 59
Silk shading techniques 60
Split stitch 60
Silk shading 61
PROJECT: Silk-shaded wild rose 66
PROJECT: Silk-shaded violet 68
Adding a three-dimensional element 70
PROJECT: Three-dimensional Christmas rose 70

Goldwork and silk shading combined 72
A few basic rules 72
Order of work 72
Complimentary stitches 74
PROJECT: Combined wild rose 78
PROJECT: Combined violet 80
Adding a three-dimensional element 82
PROJECT: Three-dimensional Christmas rose 82

SAMPLER: Flowers 84
Taking a simple flower further in metal threads 94
Taking a simple flower further in stranded cotton 95
PROJECT: Gold and silkwork iris 96

SAMPLER: Trees 100
Small trees 104
PROJECT: Bonsai tree 106

Leaves, seeds and berries 108
SAMPLER: Leaves 108
PROJECT: One leaf, many ways 114
SAMPLER: Berry and seed 116
PROJECT: Acorns 124

Fronds and fungi 126
SAMPLER: Fronds 126
SAMPLER: Fungi 132

Butterflies, bats and
beasts 138
PROJECT: Three Butterflies 138
PROJECT: 3D Goldwork and silkwork butterfly 142
PROJECT: Three Bats 144
PROJECT: Bat 146
PROJECT: Bats 148
PROJECT: Three Dragonflies 150
PROJECT: Large Dragonfly 154

Seasonal projects 156
PROJECT: Clematis Early Semi-Double Dr Ruppel 156
PROJECT: Sumer Wildlife Garden 160
PROJECT: Autumn 164
PROJECT: Robin 168
Templates 172
Glossary 192

About Hazel Everett

Hazel Everett first became interested in embroidery whilst still at school, and her teacher suggested she might pursue a career in embroidery. Hazel went on to be an Apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN), and although she enjoyed learning about many different types of embroidery, she became most fascinated by goldwork. As an Apprentice she had the honour of embroidering a commission for the RSN workroom a new pulpit fall in real, 18-carat Japanese gold thread. As her career developed, fate played a part and she was offered a number of commissions involving goldwork, including a mitre for Cardinal Hume. Hazel went on to teach goldwork embroidery all over the UK and worked on numerous commissions, including ecclesiastical work, embroidering items for leading fashion designers and assisting with the reconstruction of the Coronation Robe of King George VI that was exhibited at Kensington Palace, London. In 2011, Hazel wrote her first book, Goldwork: Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration, published by Search Press, which became one of the foremost guides to goldwork published in the English language. Sadly, Hazel died in late 2018.

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