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TOOL WITH "Tool for Inserting Zip Pulls onto Zipper Tape" INSTRUCTIONS: Includes Zip Pull Tool

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Ever struggled to get the zip pull onto your zipper tape?  I use the towel holder method, as recommended by Lisa Lam.

  • Slot the zip pull into the towel holder, curved side up, facing away from you (this holder is a precise one, not all work the same)
  • Open the zipper tape up a good amount
  • Insert the sides of the zip at an angle, with the front of the zip teeth facing away from you
  • Take hold of the zip both sides and give it a wiggle
  • Once the pull is on, if you are using zipper tape with nylon teeth, pop a stitch either end of the zipper tape (across the nylon teeth), so that your pull cannot slide off again.  Do not do this if your zipper tape has metal teeth! 

This will come with a Natasha Makes instruction sheet with step-by-step instructions and images.

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